Moulay Idriss - Volubilis - Meknes Excursion 100% cultural trip

- Moulay Idriss - a holy city 22km from Meknes and 55km Meknes Fez, where the founder of the first Muslim dynasty of North Africa is buried, the Idrissid. - Volubilis - at the foot of Moulay Idriss, is the most important Roman site in Morocco, and the best preserved. It covers 40 hectares and is listed by UNESCO. Official guide - Meknes - the city of Moulay Ismael boasting gigantic doors, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Official guide

Taza and Tazzeka national park 1.200Dhs/ 100% sportive trip

Tazekka National Park is located in the northernmost part of the Middle Atlas Mountains, 160km from Fez. The park is part of a remarkable tour with a total length of 76km, which starts from the town of Taza. (Possibility of trekking). Climb down half way the Friouato Grottos, a real gulf that opens out onto a open air crater that is 20m in diamter. Mountain guide

Rabat-Salé 100% cultural trip

Rabat - the administrative capital at the main residence of the king, you can admire the beautiful coastal town. With the imminent reopening of the garden of botanical trials, Rabat will be declared the first green city in Morocco. Make sure to visit :

  • The Hassan Tower
  • Shrine of Mohamed V
  • The Hassan II Avenue
  • Oudaïas Museum
  • Bab er-Ruach Palace
  • Royal Parc Chellah
  • Magik Park
  • The brand new zoo garden.
I highly recommend lunch on the new marina, very quiet, romantic and chic! Its ideal location, surrounded by historic monuments (Hassan Tower, Udayas, Chellah...) made this beautiful river marina a destination that has attracted all the Rbati and Slawi and even tourists. Why not dine at the Al Marsa? This Spanish restaurant is conveniently located! The fish here is fantastic, the owners are trade wholesalers and freshness is obviously exceptional here.

Moyen Atlas and Berbers Villages 100% nature trip

Sefrou is an ancient city at the foot of the Middle Atlas, dive into the heart of a troglodyte village and take tea with our friend Aicha... super scenery guaranteed! Azrou Its forest of oaks and cedars are a great reason to make a stop here... Again surprisingly, the little 'Nest Egg' monkeys appear out of everywhere and you can buy them peanuts for a few dirhams... Very nice for the small and the big kids. Ifrane - an excellent tourist town, under the allure of a Swiss village that no one would think to find in the Berber regions NB : The Middle Atlas was the first to see the evolution of skiers in Morocco, and it is the city of Azrou who had the privilege to attract top athletes there nearly 75 years ago. Aït Ali - on the road to Ain Leuh, stop for lunch at Nerrahte Cottage owned by our dear friend Aziz. Aïn Leuh - a large Berber village, is not included in this tour of the Middle Atlas, but we can arrange it for you, if your heart tells you...The cherry harvest at the end of May, National Ahidouss Arts Festival of the Berbers from the Atlas the first weekend of July where all the Berber tribes are involved, you will discover a unique fantasia and many dance performances and songs.

Chefchaouen Excursion 100% original

Chefchaouen otherwise known as the ”blue city” is a charming small town of around 400,000 inhabitants located located on the slopes of Mount Tisouka Megou and the Rif Cordillera, which rise above the city like two horns, giving its name to the city "Chefchaouen" in Berber means "look at the horns." The Medina of Chefchaouen - is fairly quiet and small. When you enter through one of its five doors and get carried away by your senses, you will find yourself inundated with many smells...